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Capital increased 1,105 times (from 2015 to July 2023) without losses over 8 and a half years (unaffected by the COVID-19 shock and the Ukraine conflict).


Minimum fund is 500 USD


Limited to only 50 participants.


The user feedback

Peter Bowes(6 years of trading experience)

"The results I've seen with marketpulse360 are incomparable to any other account managementts I've used before. There's no doubt it has significantly changed my investment strategy over the past 8 and a half years. I'm particularly impressed with its drawdown of 37.31%. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for stable trades!"

Michelle Watkins (3 years of trading experience)

"My FX earnings skyrocketed after introducing marketpulse360. The profit factor of 2.64 really lets me feel the stability in the trades."

Leo Greig(10 years of trading experience)

"In over 10 years of trading FX, I've never encountered an account management that delivers such astonishing results. The 110,459% return has been a game-changer in my investment journey."

Haris Rice (5 years of trading experience)

"Being a cautious person, I was hesitant to try out a new Account management. However, deciding to go with marketpulse360 was the right choice. Its drawdown is within acceptable limits, and the profitability is attractive."


Trading Revolution

MarketPulse360 boasts an incredible 1,111 fold growth, emphasizing its astounding profitability.

Did You Know?

It’s said that ranging markets comprise over 70% of the FX market conditions. While the profit targets within a range might be smaller than trending markets, the higher occurrence of ranges provides more trading opportunities.

Truly significant trends? Perhaps they occur once every few months – if at all. This means fewer trading opportunities.

Why do ranges form so frequently?

Rapid fluctuations in currency values make international trade challenging. Therefore, countries intervene in the foreign exchange market to keep the fluctuations within certain bounds. Consequently, currency movements typically fall within ranges.

  • If a currency’s value changes dramatically, it becomes impossible to trade with other nations. For example, if USD/JPY is 150 today and 250 tomorrow, the currency loses its credibility, making transactions challenging.
  • To prevent such fluctuations, nations step in with measures like foreign exchange interventions, ensuring prices stay within a certain range.
  • In essence, considering the nature of currencies, they are inherently designed to fall within ranges.

Instead of predicting sporadic, unpredictable unidirectional movements, it’s more efficient to profit from range-bound markets controlled by nations. This approach allows for steady profit accumulation.

However, there are downsides to range-based trading strategies.

If prices break out of the predicted range, significant losses can occur. In reality, over 99% of auto-trading EAs aiming for ranges end up in drawdowns due to these unexpected price movements.

Even if a non-drawdown range-focused EA exists, its profitability would likely be extremely low, making over 99% of them undesirable.

what’s the solution?

Let me introduce the “marketpulse360”, the strongest EA in FX history, existing against odds less than 0.000001%.

With over 15 years of performance, the “marketpulse360” has withstood major crises like the Lehman shock and the COVID-19 pandemic, boasting an undefeated record. With 422 trades per year, it has achieved explosive profits of 773 to 1111 times the initial investment. This surpasses even the 130-fold growth of Bitcoin in 10 years.

Bitcoin’s price in October 2013 was $211. By October 2023, it had risen to $26,756.

While Bitcoin has made many crypto millionaires and many wish they had invested earlier, its growth was only 130-fold over 10 years, with a peak of about 300-fold. In contrast, our EA boasts an incredible 1,111 fold growth, emphasizing its astounding profitability.

Even if you missed the cryptocurrency boom, now is your chance. Seize success in FX with the revolutionary “marketpulse360”.


  • Frequent trades targeting ranges ensure steady profit accumulation. Although some days might have no trading opportunities, on average, there’s more than one trade per day.
  • Unique calculations allow entries at the edges of the range.
  • Swing trading ensures higher trade reliability. The average trade duration is a day, minimizing deviation due to price fluctuations. Scalping, trailing stops, and cross-currency trades often cause discrepancies between back-tested (past and future) and real trading data. This is why over 90% of EAs in the market fail.
  • Due to its excellent performance, major FX companies have adjusted their spreads for “marketpulse360”. Normally, over 99.99% of such requests aren’t accepted.

For an initial $2,000 investment in 2015:

  • In 8.5 years, funds grew 1111-fold (medium risk-return): $2,000 ⇒ $2,223,877




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